Editorial Services

I will help you bring your ideas to life! With a focus on age appropriateness, strong story structure, and character driven manuscripts, I can provide needed services from developing early concept to critiquing finished manuscripts, to ghost or co-writing the stories you’ve only dreamed about. My training as a children’s book editor and expertise in the field spans easy readers and picture books up to young adult novels and poetry. I leave my clients with a manageable critique. Editing and critique can include a range of services:

  • Editorial Assessment
  • Developmental Editing
  • Copy Editing
  • Beta Reading
  • Ghostwriting
  • Query Review
  • Coaching
  • Project Development and Book Planning

Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing, sometimes called Content Editing, is an editing process that reviews major backbone of your manuscript while also looking at the details, then figuring out how it all works together. It is a global approach with local line edits throughout the manuscript that lead to revision and rewriting to create a solid draft. pay attention to how the book works overall. Developmental editing is the first editing step in getting a ready-to-read manuscript. My developmental editing services include:

  • Line edits to address: dialogue and sensory descriptions, narrative voice and language, pacing and deep line editing for syntax, redundancy and phrasing
  • Global edits to address: through-line, age or genre appropriateness, underlying premise and story, plot, character and/or subject development, and the craft and literary art of the manuscript

Copy Editing

Copy editing is a process of tightening up a well-developed manuscript. Once all the structural issues are addressed through a developmental edit, you will be ready for copy editing. This is the time to bring your manuscript to a professional level that is ready for submission to agents and publishers. My copy editing services include:

  • Line edits to address: basic grammar, punctuation and spelling, sentence structure, diction and flow of text
  • Global edits to address: minor restructuring and/or rewrites, consistency, overall style and tone of the manuscript, and fact-checking

Project Development for Writers

I’ve heard so many people tell me, “I could never be a writer.” And my response always is, “sure you can! Anyone can write!” Yes, it may be easier said than done, but I’m more than a children’s book editor and I do have a few tricks up my sleeve that I would love to share with you. Whether you are in the early developmental stages or well into your first manuscript, I can coach you along the way. With a range of services, each is provided according to my clients needs. I offer honest, constructive critique of your work, suggested exercises for improving your craft, assignments to help get your juices flowing and tailored programs for each of my clients depending on their skill, experience, and personal needs. The thing that I love about writing the most is how I can turn to a piece of paper and create something new and fresh in the world: whether it be a piece of poetry, a story, or a business document, every bit of original writing has flare. Anyone, with the right set of tools, can do just the same. I would love to help you realize and write your own creations!

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