Editorial Rates and Writing Fees

Content/Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing, sometimes called Content Editing, is an editing process that reviews major backbone of your manuscript while also looking at the details, then figuring out how it all works together. It is a global approach with local line edits throughout the manuscript that lead to revision and rewriting to create a solid draft. pay attention to how the book works overall. Developmental editing is the first editing step in getting a ready-to-read manuscript. My developmental editing services include:

  • Line edits to address: dialogue and sensory descriptions, narrative voice and language, pacing and deep line editing for syntax, redundancy and phrasing
  • Global edits to address: through-line, age or genre appropriateness, underlying premise and story, plot, character and/or subject development, and the craft and literary art of the manuscript


  • varies Picture Book/Early Reader* (up to 1,500 words)
  • $550 Early Chapter Book (up to 5,000 words)
  • $750 Chapter Book (up to 10,000 words)
  • $1,350 Middle Grade Novel (up to 50,000 words)
  • $1,650 Young Adult Novel (up to 80,000 words)

* picture books typically require a varying degree of work; email me for a quote

Copy Editing

Copy editing is a process of tightening up a well-developed manuscript. Once all the structural issues are addressed through a developmental edit, you will be ready for copy editing. This is the time to bring your manuscript to a professional level that is ready for submission to agents and publishers. My copy editing services include:

  • Line edits to address: basic grammar, punctuation and spelling, sentence structure, diction and flow of text
  • Global edits to address: minor restructuring and/or rewrites, consistency, overall style and tone of the manuscript, and fact-checking


  • $300 Picture Book/Early Reader (up to 1,500 words)
  • $400 Early Chapter Book (up to 5,000 words)
  • $650 Chapter Book (up to 10,000 words)
  • $1,150 Middle Grade Novel (up to 50,000 words)
  • $1,450 Young Adult Novel (up to 80,000 words)
Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Sci/Fi, Self Help and Personal Development or Nonfiction:
  • $2,000 (up to 100,000 words)

Additional words may constitute an additional cost. Any additional costs will be discussed before hire.

**I offer all of my clients a second read of their manuscript, after reviewing my edits and making changes, at 10% off the original cost and pro-rated for word count if necessary.

Editing for web content, business documents, letters and other compositions:
  • $75/hour

Writing Services

Writing, Ghostwriting, and Co-writing:

Ghostwriting means that I will write your content for you and you get to keep the credit; all content belongs to you. If we co-write, we collaborate on the manuscript or project and content is mutually credited and owned. Email me for a personal quote.

  • Web content, Blogs, SEO articles
  • Queries and Letters
  • Children’s Books
  • Other Ghostwriting such as Creative Fiction or Non-fiction for online or personal use

Other Services

Consulting and Coaching

I also offer tailored coaching and consulting services to individuals or small groups. Please email me at jenny@jennybowman.com if you are interested in learning more.