Editing and Beyond

For me, content editing, or developmental editing, is about more than just taking the proverbial red pen to the paper. When I content edit, I’m not interested in grammatical mistakes and misspellings. I’ll correct what’s wrong, but I’m not a proofreader : I’m a Content Editor. This means I’m interested in content. Is your story working? Are the characters developed? Is the plot believable? Are the details consistent? Does the throughline work?

content editingHow I became a Content Editor

I came to developmental editing almost by accident. In graduate school I found that I really enjoyed critiquing creative pieces by my classmates. I found I had a knack for really expressing where the manuscripts were falling apart, and equally important, where they were really holding together. So when I content edit now, I show my authors what’s working too. Which parts of their story are shining and work well. And, which make the most sense, make me laugh or cry or clench my teeth in anticipation. And in this way my clients learn how to fix their global problems, and how to apply those strong areas to the weaker ones. In short – this is the art and craft of writing.

The Process of Content Editing

Content editing is a process for me. It’s fluid. I delve into the manuscripts I’m given in the same way I would if I pulled a book off the shelf. When I read each page excitedly, I begin to care about the characters and I want to know what happens next. Usually, I want the heroes to win. Always, I want the story to awaken that little spark of imagination that I reserve for reading and reading alone. Because I take this readership approach to my editing, I’m able to identify problems with the manuscript as a whole.

In the same manner, I can identify the strengths as a whole too. I fluidly edit as I read, marking line notes here and there, fixing grammatical mistakes, and commenting on the good and the bad. Additionally, I add global messages to the ends of chapters and sections and I take extensive notes that address the manuscript as a whole. And then I send my clients a manuscript they can work with, tips and changes that make sense and offer suggestions for improvements, and I offer the option to work through the manuscript with the author if they choose. By managing only a few projects at a time, I am able to give my clients the upmost attention.

I love what I do. Editing is an extension of my own passions for reading and writing. My biggest thrills come from helping others bring their stories to life! I look forward to working with you!

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